What was discussed
with the main
contributors either
ends up in here or
some of the
Ship screens.
Two layouts. One
contains info from
contributors, other's
a holdover from
early version of site.
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Artwork is limited
to what contributors
sent over. Much will
be new to even the
owners of the old
B5 magazines.
Many say they'd be no
B5 without him. Co-
founder of Foundation
. Worked on demo, pilot & first 3 years of B5.
Other co-founder of
F.I.. Worked on demo,
pilot & first 3 years of
B5. Designer but also
computer tech type guy.
‘Consultant’ on pilot
and various points
during first 3 years of
B5. Highly influencial
on the look of many
aspects of the show.
Conceptualist who worked on B5 from season 1, the TV
movies & Crusade.
Created many of the
later classic designs.
Joined B5 in season
4, also worked on
TV movies and Crusade.
Conceptualist tasked to create many of the designs for Legend of the Rangers. Hands on producer
who was with B5 long before it reached the screen.
Animator on first 2
years of B5.
Senior animators at
FI, worked on pilot
and first 3 years of B5.
Traditional model builder who joined B5 in season 3 and stayed to Crusade. Animator who joined NDE in season 4 of B5 and worked on tv movies. Effects compositor worked on first 2 years
of B5.
Co-founder of Optic Nerve worked on first two years of B5. Matte artist, worked on all 5 years of B5. 3D lead at Atmosphere
FX, and worked on the Lost Tales.
Worked on the PCB
game that almost was. Eventually joined FI.
Co-Founder of Mongoose publications, the last of the B5 licencee's to create merchandise.  

The ships primarily
used by the Earth
These are basically
the various commercial
vessels used by Earth.
Earth vessels that
don't fall into either
of the previous
categories. Psi
Corps, IPX, etc.
You'll never guess.
These are the ships
that have been
identified as
belonging to the
These are the designs
that have been
identified as belonging
to the Narn,
more or less.
If you need to have
it explained who
these ships belong
to then your thicker
than even I am. ; )
The are the races
that make up the
League of Non
Aligned worlds. Many
of which joined
the ISA in season
4, or maybe it was 5.
These are basically
the ships used by the
'Rangers'. The policing
force of the ISA.
No prizes for
guessing that the
ships in this
section belong to
the Drahk.
All the First One
designs are in
here, including those
for the Shadows
and Vorlons.
These are designs
which don't fit neatly
into any of the
previous categories,
and the names of
the races (or groups)
using them are known.
The names of the
races (or groups) who
use these vessels
were never mentioned
in the show.

Unless something
gets added after I
type this. These are
some concepts created
by Steve Burg, Luc
Mayrand, Tim Earls
and Ron Thornton.
Listed in here are
a small collection
of concepts created
by Luc Mayrand
and Tim Earls
for, surprisingly
enough, Crusade
and the TNT movies.
LOTR is shorthand
for Legend Of The Rangers (as a newbie
I did wonder why the
hell B5 fans kept
slagging off Lord
Of The Rings ; ). Chris
Wren created all these.
Some CG and
hand drawn images
provided by
Alec McClymont
for the straight
to DVD Lost Tales.
Bit of an eclectic mix
highlighting some of
the trivia mentioned
in interviews along
with a couple of
photos and sketches.
Sketches created by
Luc Mayrand for the
cancelled PC game.
All but one of these
has two images per
design – use the
buttons to change
between views.
Bits of trivia, some
fan related art and
other stuff.

As the site develops
there may be some
things that become
available. If there
is, they’ll end up
in here.
No site can exist in
isolation, I’ve used
borrowed & nicked
resources which
others have kindly
made available.
Links to some sites
the contributors are
connected with, a
few I found useful
and some of the
remaining B5 ones.
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